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  • KM/CPR110 Simple type CPR Manikin

KM/CPR110 Simple type CPR Manikin

Product description:
The product has eliminated the electronic controller and used high-quality materials that can press 1.5 million times, which has greatly improved the durability and economic practicality of the product. It is an ideal choice for the popularization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills and the training of first-aid skills and operating techniques in various units.

Implement standard: American Heart Association(AHA ) Guideline for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) & Emergency Cardiovascular Care(ECC).


1. According CPR implement standard: C chest external compression → A open airway → B artificial respiration operation process.
2. Operation cycle: First chest external press 30 times and then effective 2 manual blowing is 30:2 5 cycles CPR operation.
3. Frequency of operation: latest international standards: at least 100 / minute.
4. Simulation standard airway opening.
5. Simulation of artificial hand chest external compression.
6. Correct press strength(4-5cm area), error(<4-5cm< area).
7. Artificial mouth-to-mouth respiration(blowing): The amount of tidal gas blown in is <500 ml ~ 1000 ML<.
8. Press and artificial respiration ratio: 30:2.
9. Operation mode: training operation.
10. Check the pupil response: Simulating the pupil from one dilated and one narrowed.