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  • KM/CK811 Lumbar Puncture Training Model

KM/CK811 Lumbar Puncture Training Model

1. The simulative standard patient is in the lateral position,the back is perpendicular to the bed surface,the head bends towards prothorax,knees bend towards abdomen,trunk is showed arcuately.

2. Waist is moveable.When performing the lumbar puncture,the operator needs to hold the patients head and popliteal fossa of both lower limbs in order to make the spine curved,and increase the intervertebral space.
3. The tissue structure of waist is accurate.It is with complete 1~5 lumbar vertebra(vertebral body,lamina of vertebral arch,spinous process),sacrum,crack hole,sacral angle,spine ligament and interspinous ligament,ligamentum flavum,endorhachis,pearl retina and the subarachnoid space,epidural space,sacral canal.Posterior superior iliac spine,iliac crest,thoracic spine,lumbar spines are palpable.
4. It can be used for the training as followed:spinal anesthesia,lumbar puncture,epidural block,caudal block,sacral nerve block,lumbar sympathetic block.
5. The skin and spinal canal are exchangeable.