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  • KM/CPR690B Multi-function CPR and nursing manikin

KM/CPR690B Multi-function CPR and nursing manikin

1. Simulate standard airway open.
2. Chest compression: digital lights displays compression depth, counter displays, voice prompts.
3. Correct compression depth(5-6cm),green light displays, insufficient compression depth(5cm).yellow light displays, Digital lights display tidal volume; counter displays, voice prompts.
4. Correct inhalation, green light displays ,insufficient inhalation, yellow light displays, excessive inhalation, red light displays Operating cycle: one cycle includes five times of 30:2 ratio of compression and artificial respiration.
5. Operating frequency: latest international standard: 100 times per minute.

6. Operating methods : exercise and examine operation.

7. Operating time: counting down device.
8. Voice prompt: English voice prompt during the training and assessment operation; voice can be closed or open, volume can be adjusted.
9. Print: Thermal print operation result.
10. Examination of pupil response : mydriasis and myosis.
11. Examination of carotid response isimulate spontaneous carotid pulse in compression process.
12. Basic nursing: Arm venipuncture, injection,blood transfusion,Deltoid intramuscular injection,enema,female and male urethral catheterization, female and male bladder irrigation, ostomy, buttocks intramuscular injection.