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  • KM/CPR690 Advanced CPR Training Manikin

KM/CPR690 Advanced CPR Training Manikin

Large screen displays.
1. Simulate standard open airway.
2. External breast compression:
(1). Indicator display compression depth.

(2). Sound prompting.

(3). Digital counter displays.
3. Correct compression depth (5-6cm),green light displays.
4. Insufficient compression depth (<5cm),yellow light displays.
5. Excessive compression depth(>6cm),red light displays Artificial respiration:
(1). Indicator displays inhalation.
(2). Digital counter displays
(3). Sound prompting Correct inhalation (500-600ml),green light displays

(4). Insuffcient inhalation,yellow light displays
(5). Excessive inhalation.red light displays Ratio of compression and artificial respiration :30: 2 (one or two person).

6. Operating frequency: latest international: 100 times per minute.

7. Operating methods : exercise and examine operation.

8. Operating time: record in second.
9. Voice prompt: English voice prompt during the training and assessment operation; voice can be closed or open, volume can be adjusted.
10. Print: Thermal print operation result.
11. Examination of pupil response : mydriasis and myosis.
12. Examination of carotid response :simulate spontaneous carotid pulse in compression process.
Material features:
The model is molded under high temperature by means of stainless mould, with face skin, neck skin, chest skin and hair made of imported material. It features durability, non-deformation and easy assembly and disassembly.