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  • KM/L70A Child Chest Puncture Training Model

KM/L70A Child Chest Puncture Training Model

1. Advanced technology: The manual operation of pleural fluid injection and gas injection are improved by electric operation, just press he controller on the front panel button automatically to the pleural cavity injection of gas or liquid, automatic forming simulation of pneumothorax or pleural effusion.

2. Vivid: High quality silicone rubber mold forming, texture soft, feel is realistic Simulate human facial features color makeup, vivid image, just like real people.
3. Voice prompt: puncture error, there will be automatic voice prompt. If along the edge of frame puncture, the controller will send “vessels puncture error, damage to the nerves”. The voice of warning.

4. When the puncture right, there are obviously lost feeling, realistic effect.

5. Puncture sites can automatically seal, puncture hundreds of times without leakage. Local skin replacement can be repaired.