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  • KM/J51+ Fully functional air-way management model (voice prompts)

KM/J51+ Fully functional air-way management model (voice prompts)

Product Introduction:

This product is a full-featured airway management model, which can be operated with voice prompts throughout. The model is divided into wired connection and wireless connection, the default wired connection.

Features :

1. Simulate the airway can be inserted into the laryngeal mask and composite intubation.

2. Provides practice in removing airway obstruction and attracting liquid foreign bodies.

3. Tracheal, pharyngeal, and esophageal intubation can be performed via the mouth or nose.

4. Oral, oropharyngeal, and nasopharyngeal suctioning can be performed.

5. Can perform airway opening exercises and ventilation exercises between resuscitation ball - mask, resuscitation ball - intubation.

6. Equipped with 8-inch color LCD touch screen to electronically monitor different positions of tracheal intubation. The controller can be operated either by touch or by using the keys.

7. Built-in sensing system: can automatically detect simulated body position, cricoid cartilage pressure monitoring, tracheal intubation position.

8. Full range of voice prompts.

9. Controller and model can be connected wirelessly (optional).

Packing size: 51x35x41cm, 9kgs.