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  • KM/ALS800A ALS Training Manikin

KM/ALS800A ALS Training Manikin

Product Introduction:

KM/ALS800A provides ALS (Advanced Life Support) comprehensive training in first aid skills. The system consists of full-body manikin and a LCD with big screen. It provides a simple and practical ALS training tool.


1. Vital signs simulation: pupil change and carotid arterial pulse.

2. Arm injection training practice.

3. Airway management: standard nasal and oral intubation, tracheotomy intubation, supporting to head tilt and Jaw thrust, audible feedback if pressure exerted on the teeth during intubation.

4. CPR: instantaneous displaying graphics of data, statistic report, and sound directions related to CPR, voice prompts of correct and wrong operation, data statistic, result printing, available of training and exam mode.

5. AED: automatically external defibrillation machine (only for training use), providing electrode pad and electrode button.

6. Physical therapy: ECG monitoring via defibrillation connectors, the maximal energy of defibrillation is 360J; the frequency of external pacemaker is set to 60 times/min, and the current threshold is 40mA.

7. Manikin’s bare joint can rotate left and right, basically the same with the real human body size, and do foot care operations.

8. Manikin has interchangeable male and female external genitalia, can do catheterization operation training, bladder simulator is equipped inside, simulated urine can be injected into; if the operation is successful the simulated urine would flow out.